Are there any good videos that provide a level academic resources?

Download the lesson resources and share the videos with your final year student. This site is an incredible resource for a wide range of history topics; from medieval England to the Vietnam War. For each topic there is an extensive list that explains in detail all the important facts and deadlines. The Crash Course video series provides a good overview and explanations of many areas of biology.

There's a biology playlist as well as an anatomy and physiology playlist to work with. Although there are some minor differences in content, they are still very useful. They have also produced a series of videos on chemistry and physics. Think of Exchange as your content center, a place to find great videos shared by a community of educators.

Real case studies bring the concepts to life in the series Strategic Tools for Business, aimed at first-level students of economics and business. Cambridge International is also making its Resource Plus site for international GCSEs and A Levels free for schools. Psychology Concepts is a video series for A Level Psychology that investigates stress as a psychobiological process. You have at your fingertips a wealth of valuable A Level teaching resources to bring literary texts to life.

Direct A Level students to develop independent learning skills, preparing them to continue their studies at university. Isaac Physics is a project designed to offer physics problem solving activities to teachers and students from the GCSE to the university. A Level Physics online offers a series of videos using Lego pieces to illustrate physics concepts and also offers free classes on YouTube for both GCSE and A Level Physics. Create a positive classroom culture, in which students, especially those at the top levels of the school, can grow and take calculated risks.

Select videos and use teaching resources to support A Level to design teaching plans that involve final year students in learning.

Karol Pysniak
Karol Pysniak

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