Are there any good blogs that provide a level academic resources?

This site is an incredible resource for a wide range of history topics; from medieval England to the Vietnam War. For each topic there is an extensive list that explains in detail all the important facts and deadlines. A popular resource for a wide variety of subjects, Khan Academy offers detailed information on a wide variety of biology topics, as well as providing free access to articles, exercises and videos for you to consult. You might find pages like CAIE, Khan academy, Maths made easy, and Revision maths useful, and you'll find many more in our presentation guides mentioned above.

We offer a wide range of high-quality resources to make your studies a success. We have a web page that lists our new resources and, in general, as a starting point, we recommend that you use Library Search, the gateway to library information resources in print and electronic formats, including books, magazines, newspapers, databases and much, much more. This approach to mathematics for after age 16 was developed by the University of Cambridge, funded by a grant from the UK Department of Education. The resources are free for all users.

The website is now hosted by Cambridge Mathematics. We'll also include information about how it's built, for example, if a CMS like WordPress or a blogging platform was used. If you want a physical document to take notes and practice retrieving questions and answers, the MME A-Level Biology downloads are a fantastic free resource to print. To understand a little more about what running a health and fitness blog entails, check out some examples of health and fitness blogs below.

The blog portfolio includes detailed guides on the best practices for running a successful loyalty program, in-depth analysis of the technology, and a fundamental article that shows every step of introducing a loyalty program, from the planning phase to the actual launch. When accessing the website, visitors see a large image that occupies almost the entire screen, accompanied by an article announcing the collaboration of the blog with a clothing brand. The blog also does a great job of emphasizing the readability of the text by using a simple color scheme consisting of black, white, and blue. For example, this AS and A level biological resources thread divides review resources into simple sections.

Charlie always had an interest in psychology, but he had to reach Level A before earning a university degree. These great packs of review flashcards contain everything you need to cover the AQA & Edexcel A Level Economics. There are a number of dissertation and thesis databases that you can use to find dissertations and theses from other academic institutions. Created by teacher and author Alex Quigley, The Confident Teacher is an education blog aimed at all teachers, especially English teachers.

There's also a blog section called Community Spotlight that introduces a specific member of the Photofocus community. A section of the blog entitled BOOOOOM TV also offers a daily selection of movies, music videos and animations. Derek Earl Baron, who lives with his suitcase and has no place to call a permanent home, uses his blog to show people that long-term travel can be a realistic lifestyle choice, not a farfetched fantasy.

Karol Pysniak
Karol Pysniak

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