Are there any good podcasts that provide a level academic resources?

Audiopi has created podcasts, adapted to your GCSE or A Level subjects. Each topic has a series of podcasts designed to cover both the information and ideas you need to know and think about for your topic. This Australian podcast is published every fortnight and is packed with the best study tips, resources and tricks for all students. Listen now: UTS Student Hacks Do you need memory techniques and test preparation tips? This is the podcast for you!.

It's packed with tips on how to study effectively, make the most of materials, and prepare for exams. Listen now: The Exam Study Expert This American podcast is designed to help you learn and improve in all areas of your life. It contains tips on how to study more effectively, be more productive and increase your chances of succeeding in job interviews. Listen now: College Info Geek Aimed at non-traditional students, such as mature students, distance learners, or students in the workplace, this podcast is full of tips on how to study effectively while juggling other aspects of your life.

Listen Now — Chloe Made Me Study. Mind the Gap brings together the excellent minds of Emma Turner and Tom Sherrington, both educational authors with extensive experience in school leadership and teaching. The SendCast is a weekly podcast focusing on special educational needs hosted by Dale Pickles. An award-winning podcast, it's the number 1 podcast for discussions about SEND.

Are you too busy to read right now? Download this handy PDF with a 1-page summary containing the podcasts and the links to listen to them. It includes 15 of the best concrete resources that all KS1 and KS2 classrooms should have. Podcasts are a great way to level the playing field for auditory students and provide variety for other students. In addition, listening to podcasts can increase confidence in pronunciation and literacy.

In addition, listening is a great way to develop basic knowledge about different subjects when learning a second language. With the right scaffolding strategies and practices, such as directed listening, teachers can help ELL students develop language proficiency. As you listen, create a list of vocabulary keywords you want your students to know. In addition to the vocabulary words you choose, make a list of questions.

Once your students finish listening, you can use these questions to promote reflective thinking. In this section, we'll share some of the best educational podcasts on core subjects, such as science, history, reading, and math. In addition to sharing different subjects, we will offer examples for grade levels (elementary, secondary and secondary). Even if you're still a student, you can learn a lot from this podcast about how to succeed in an internship, a job on campus, or in your classes.

Stitcher was never a music or audiobook app; its goal was simply to create a large and accessible podcast library that you could organize into playlists customized by topic. Grades 3 to 6, often compared to a child-friendly Radiolab, this podcast not only addresses fascinating topics, but also seeks to foster a love for science itself by interviewing scientists about its processes and discoveries. Host Phoebe Judge explores true crime stories with a level of empathy, insight, and radio-quality production you won't find anywhere else. Students in almost any grade or subject area can use StoryCorps interviews in a variety of ways, including writing instructions, topics for discussion, primary sources for research projects, and more.

The podcast's ability to capture the essence of the human condition and connect listeners on an emotional level makes it a truly unique and inspiring listening option. If you want a full podcast dedicated to these topics, as well as tips on how to rent or buy a house, the basics of investing and how to earn extra money, you should check out Listen Money Matters (LMM). Hosted by elementary math specialist, Kieran Mackle, this excellent podcast covers a wide range of interesting topics, with a mix of regular and “unique” guests. Also, be sure to check out my interview with Sara on the CIG podcast for her take on how to make a career as a YouTuber.

Unlike many business podcasts, which focus on how to start a business, Money Lab looks at all the challenges that come with being a full-time entrepreneur at the heart of the matter. These podcasts offer the busy educator a way to continue their own professional development in an informal, flexible and engaging format. You'll find a mix of elementary and middle school here, but the few subject-specific podcasts we've included tend to focus on math, just because that's where the Third Space Learning experience lies. The educational podcast series, which covers several topics, serves as a perfect introduction to the debate at the university level, as it opens the minds of young people to a number of key thinkers and theories that they will not know in school.

In this podcast format, the presenter presents a lecture on a particular topic, providing listeners with a structured and comprehensive overview of the topic. In this podcast, Gladwell offers a fresh and critical view of historical events, ideas and people, challenging conventional wisdom and providing a unique perspective. .

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