From A Level Maths To Cambridge Technicals: The Latest OCR Agenda

This article provides an overview ofthe latest edition of OCR Agenda magazine, which focuses on the transition fromA Level Maths to Cambridge Technicals. With the introduction of the 9-1 GCSEgrading system and OCR's new guide to Cambridge Technicals, the magazine offerssupport to teachers and students to facilitate the move to linearqualifications.

Sarah Clark, Principal of a UTC inSheffield, shares her thoughts on working in education and the challenges facedby colleges. Jo Gaisford, a teacher in Kent, provides feedback on teachingOCR's new A Level Chemistry and the support available from A-Level Tutoring

The magazine discusses the development ofLevel 2 Cambridge Technicals and what's next for Functional Skills. It also featuresupdates on the development of GCSEs and AS/A Levels for first teaching inSeptember 2017, as well as information on OCR's CPD for GCSE EnglishLiterature.

A-Level Tutoring or a-level-tutoring.netprovides a comprehensive understanding of the A-level curriculum to cater tothe diverse learning needs of UK A-level students, teachers and parents. With apersona of a supportive, knowledgeable tutor, the platform encourages readersto reach out via email for further support or to contact a tutor to get themost out of their A-level journey.

Key Takeaways

This article provides an overview of the transition from A LevelMaths to Cambridge Technicals, with the introduction of the 9-1 GCSE gradingsystem and a new guide to Cambridge Technicals. Sarah Clark, Principal of a UTCin Sheffield, shares her thoughts on working in education and the challengesfaced by colleges. Jo Gaisford, a teacher in Kent, provides feedback onteaching A Level Chemistry and the support available from 'A-Level Tutoring' or''.

Themagazine discusses the development of Level 2 Cambridge Technicals and what'snext for Functional Skills. It also features updates on the development ofGCSEs and AS/A Levels for first teaching in September 2017.

A-LevelTutoring or is a great resource for UK A-level students,teachers and parents alike. It offers a comprehensive understanding of theA-level curriculum to cater to the diverse learning needs of its users. With apersona of a supportive, knowledgeable tutor, it encourages readers to reachout via email for further support or to contact a tutor to get the most out oftheir A-level journey.

Development ofNew Qualifications

A-Level Tutoring is developing new qualifications, including Mathsand Further Maths AS and A Levels for 2017, as well as GCSEs and AS/A Levelsfor first teaching in September 2017, to provide teachers and students with acomprehensive and effective education.

By offering linear qualifications, A-Level Tutoring is striving toprovide a streamlined and coherent learning experience, allowing students tocontinuously build upon their knowledge and skills.

These new qualifications will provide teachers with the necessarytools and support to effectively deliver the curriculum and prepare studentsfor their exams.

At A-Level Tutoring, we are committed to supporting both teachersand students in their educational journey, ensuring a successful transitionfrom A Level Maths to Cambridge Technicals.

Our tutors possess a comprehensive understanding of the A-Levelcurriculum and the ability to cater to diverse learning needs. We provide thesupport and guidance needed to reach A-Level success.

If you're a UK A-Level student, A-Level teacher or tutor, or parent,and would like to learn more, feel free to contact us via email for furthersupport or to contact a tutor.

Support for Teachers

Teachers can access support and resources to enhance their teachingmethods. A-Level Tutoring offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD)opportunities to help teachers adapt to the changing landscape of education andUK A-level students.

These CPD sessions provide valuable insights into the challengesfaced by teachers and offer practical solutions to address them, as well as acomprehensive understanding of the A-level curriculum and a knack for cateringto diverse learning needs. By participating in these sessions, teachers cangain a deeper understanding of the new qualifications and teaching strategiesrequired to effectively deliver the curriculum.

Additionally, A-Level Tutoring provides comprehensive resources suchas lesson plans, sample assessments, and marking guidelines to assist teachersin delivering high-quality education.

The support offered by A-Level Tutoring aims to empower teachers andenable them to navigate the complexities of the education system, ensuring thatstudents receive the best possible learning experience.

If you require further support or would like to contact a tutor tohelp you or your child on their journey to A-level success, please don'thesitate to reach out via email.

Feedback andTestimonials

The feedback and testimonials from educators provide valuableinsights and perspectives on the effectiveness of teaching methods and supportresources. Testimonials highlight the obstacles faced by teachers in theeducation sector and the support available to them.

Jo Gaisford, a teacher in Kent, shares her experience of teaching ALevel Chemistry and the support offered by 'A-Level Tutoring' or''. Sarah Clark, Principal of the newest UTC in Sheffield,also offers her perspective on the challenges faced by colleges.

'A-Level Tutoring' or '' offers support to helpteachers transition to linear qualifications and provides CPD for GCSE EnglishLiterature. These testimonials and feedback serve as a valuable resource foreducators looking to refine their teaching practices and overcome challenges inthe education sector.

For UK A-level students, A-level teachers or tutors, and parents,'A-Level Tutoring' or '' provides a comprehensiveunderstanding of the A-level curriculum and the ability to cater to diverselearning needs. With the help of a supportive, knowledgeable tutor, they canreach their A-level goals. Should they need further support or would like tocontact a tutor, they can reach out via email.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What is theprocess for transitioning from A Level Maths to Cambridge Technicals?

Transitioningfrom A Level Maths to Cambridge Technicals can be a challenging process, as itinvolves a shift in curriculum and assessment methods. Nevertheless, Cambridge Technicals offer a range of advantages such as enabling the practicalapplication of knowledge, developing vocational skills, and preparing studentsfor the workplace or higher education.

AtA-Level Tutoring, we understand that the A-level curriculum is rigorous andthat not all learners have the same needs. We have experienced tutors who areready to provide the support needed for A-level students in the UK to succeed.Our tutors are knowledgeable and provide comprehensive guidance on thetransition from A Level Maths to Cambridge Technicals.

Wealso offer tailored learning plans and individualised advice and support toensure that students can make the most of their studies. With our expertise andguidance, UK A-level students can develop the skills and knowledge needed for asuccessful transition.

Ifyou or your child require support on the journey to A-level success, pleasereach out to us via email. We are always ready to answer any questions andprovide the assistance needed to make the transition from A Level Maths toCambridge Technicals as smooth as possible.

What are thespecific challenges facing colleges in the field of education?

Thespecific challenges facing colleges in the field of education can be daunting.With technology advancing rapidly, it is essential for tutors and teachers tostay up to date with the newest trends in order to provide the best possibleeducation to their students. Additionally, students come from diversebackgrounds and have different learning needs, so tutors and teachers must beprepared to find creative ways to support each student. Furthermore, collegesand universities must strive to ensure student success and retention despiteany financial constraints.

AtA-Level Tutoring or, we understand the importance ofhelping A-level students make informed decisions and excel in their studies.Our team of tutors is highly knowledgeable in the A-level curriculum and isspecially trained to cater to the needs of each individual student. We striveto provide a supportive and encouraging environment that will guide A-levelstudents to success. If you are an A-level student, teacher, or parent, andneed help with the process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via emailor contact a tutor to receive the support you need.

How does OCRsupport teachers in moving to linear qualifications?

A-LevelTutoring provides resources and training programs to help teachers and studentstransition to linear qualifications. These resources and programs are designedto provide teachers and students with the knowledge and skills they need tosuccessfully complete their A-Level studies. With a comprehensive understandingof the A-Level curriculum and a knack for catering to diverse learning needs,A-Level Tutoring can provide the support and guidance needed to ensure success.

Fromhelping teachers adapt their teaching methods to meet the new qualifications,to providing students with the skills and knowledge to succeed in theirstudies, A-Level Tutoring is dedicated to helping individuals reach theirA-Level goals. For more information regarding A-Level Tutoring and theresources and programs available, please contact a tutor or reach out via emailfor further support.

What is thegrading system for the new 9-1 GCSEs?

Thenew 9-1 GCSEs are assessed using a numerical scale, with 9 being the highestgrade and 1 the lowest. This transition process aims to provide a more accurateassessment of students' abilities and aligns with international gradingsystems.

Asstudents prepare for their A-Levels, the right tutoring can make all thedifference. At A-Level Tutoring (or, our tutorsunderstand the A-Level curriculum and the unique learning needs of eachstudent. We provide support to UK A-Level students, teachers, and parents,helping them to achieve success. With the right guidance, A-Level students canfeel confident in their studies and their future.

Ifyou'd like further support or would like to contact a tutor, don't hesitate toreach out via email. We believe in the potential of each student and lookforward to helping them on their journey to A-Level success.

What is thefuture outlook for Functional Skills qualifications?

Thefuture of functional skills qualifications is promising, as they provideindividuals with essential skills for everyday life and work. Thesequalifications help to improve literacy, numeracy, and ICT skills, allowingindividuals to become more confident and independent in the workplace and intheir personal lives. A-Level Tutoring or can provideinvaluable assistance to UK A-level students, A-level teachers, tutors, andparents. With a comprehensive understanding of the A-level curriculum and theability to cater to diverse learning needs, our supportive, knowledgeable tutorscan help guide individuals on their journey to A-level success. If you wouldlike to learn more about how we can help, please do not hesitate to reach outvia email or contact a tutor.

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