What are the best a level academic resources for psychology?

The official APA website is the number one resource for psychology students, no matter what specialty or degree level students are trying to obtain. The APA website houses a huge database of psychology journals, articles, articles of interest, and other publications useful to students. Alley Dog: This website is the self-proclaimed “best friend” of psychology students. It's a wide-ranging resource for both students and professionals with information such as a psychological glossary, job information, degree information, and much, much more.

As with any research-driven field, it helps to learn more about the academic culture you'll immerse yourself in. Fortunately, professional publications are not intended only for established professionals. Many also address the tests of student life. APA publications, such as the Psychology Student Network and the GradPsych blog, publish regular articles in which students, educators, and others share their unique perspectives.

Common topics of interest include how students adapt to the field, how they balance their personal and professional lives, and even ways to maintain healthy study routines in the face of intense graduate study plans. Bad Science: Although not a psychology blog, Bad Science is an important resource for all psychology students, as it will help psychology students differentiate between good and bad research. While some resources will be more relevant to undergraduate or graduate students, all students will consider these tools to be an important part of the academic process. Open Book Project: This academic project was created specifically for the academic community so that students can find free textbooks and other open source educational materials.

Psychological Science Association: The Association for Psychological Sciences (formerly the American Psychological Society) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of scientific psychology and its representation nationally and internationally. These resources from the APA and from external sources provide additional information and web links to help current and future graduate students embark on their path to a career in psychology. Purdue Owl APA Online Writing Lab: This online research work resource helps students understand the process of writing an academic article in APA format. Online Psychology Lab: OPL is a resource site for psychology students that helps students understand psychology as a science.

Student memberships affiliated with the American Psychological Association: This website is a great resource for psychology students and provides a way for students to get involved in the APA. Because psychology is a very specialized area, this is a good resource for students who want to know how their academic careers could turn out. Regardless of their long-term goals, there are several resources available to undergraduate and graduate psychology students. School psychologists work with teachers, parents, students, and educators to help these groups succeed in academic and social life at different levels.

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