Are there any good social media accounts that provide a level academic resources?

When you're looking for universities on social media, it's easy to put all your eggs in one basket and focus all your attention on one or two major social media platforms. Arizona State University and Stanford University stand out because they interact extraordinarily well with all social media platforms. Entrust your students to create a photo or video essay hosted on a social media platform. Instagram is ideal for photo essays, while YouTube or TikTok work for video essays.

Taking a social media marketing course will help you improve your current skills or launch a career in marketing management. WordStream provides the educational resources needed to develop a solid understanding of social media ads. While it's a great platform for sharing your work and finding an academic community, I don't suggest making it your only platform. For academics who want to blog, but aren't prepared to host and manage a website, LinkedIn is what I recommend most.

Twitter is popular with academics and researchers, although it has a smaller audience than Facebook or Instagram. More than a comprehensive level one course on social media, this offering is a master class on the subject, focusing exclusively on ethical digital marketing techniques. This basic course by Brian Honigman, a marketing consultant, offers content similar to the other beginner courses on this list, with a special focus on interacting with customers through your company's favorite social networks. It's the interesting and thoughtful publications across a variety of platforms, the commercialization of its wide availability of on-campus resources to students, and the high level of outreach and interactivity that give Stanford University the merit of being one of the best schools to follow on any platform.

Boston University is an excellent example of a school that is the most dedicated to social media outreach. While it's not a social network, it's generally included in discussions about academic social networks. Many teachers find social media to be a great way to expand their personal learning network and discover resources. By delving deeper into this topic, ASU achieves a balance between the modernity of TikTok and the platform's set of viral and striking videos for a younger audience made up of students and future students, while showing academic success and notable academic achievements (such as being number one on US News).

Social media marketing is a type of content marketing, and this course can help you integrate both into a more comprehensive strategy. Without a doubt, this strategy is worth admiring and can be a great tool if you're interested in shedding more light on your institution's more specialized academic departments or loyalty offices. According to Edu, I think there are better ways to share your research, such as on a personal academic website. Coursera is an excellent educational resource for beginners and for those who are new to the world of social media marketing.

Karol Pysniak
Karol Pysniak

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