How much do tutors make in india?

The average salary of a tutor is ₹19582 per month in India. Learn about salaries, benefits, salary satisfaction and where you could earn more. The national average salary of an online tutor is â ¹16,201 per month in India. Filter by location to see salaries for an online tutor in your area.

Salary estimates are based on 213 salaries sent anonymously to Glassdoor by an Online Tutor employee. This is why even people with just a bachelor's degree can earn decently on online tutoring platforms. The estimated total pay for an online tutor is â¹42,656 per year in the India area, with an average salary of â¹16,201 per year. The estimated total pay for an online tutor is £34,294 per year in the UK area, with an average salary of £32,899 per year.

Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson

Michael Richardson is an experienced A-Level teacher and online tutor, with a background in university teaching. He holds a Master's degree in Education from the University of Cambridge. Passionate about education, he is committed to helping students achieve their academic goals.

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