Please give me the answer to the A-level Biology Question How does Acetylcholine act on a neuronal synapse, and how is it re-uptaken?

Ca2+ voltage-gated channels are activated because of an action potential being able to reach the synapse
- Acetylcholine is found inside the cleft of pre-synaptic synaptic neurons
They are stored in vesicles
- the calcium-induced influx leads the vesicles of the brain to move and to join with the pre-synaptic membrane.
It is when they release the contents (Ach) to the synaptic cell via diffusion via a channel
Ach binds with neuroreceptors located in the post synaptic junction, which causes the channels to expand and depolarisation to take place within the postsynaptic cleft
- The excess Ach inside the synaptic gap is degraded by Acetylcholinesterase and subsequently result in Acetate and Choline
Choline is transported to the axon terminal where it is used to generate an increase in Ach inside the presynaptic neurons.

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