Chemistry Specifications: A Comprehensive Overview

A-Level Tutoring provides studentswith a comprehensive understanding of the subject, covering a wide range oftopics and assessment criteria. The A Level and AS Level courses offer astructured approach to learning chemistry, with each level consisting ofvarious modules and components.

The A Level course encompasses sixmodules, including: - Practical Skills - Foundations of Chemistry - PeriodicTable and Energy - Core organic chemistry - Physical Chemistry and transitionelements - Organic Chemistry and Analysis

On the other hand, the AS Level coursefocuses on four modules, emphasizing: - Practical Skills - Foundations ofChemistry - Periodic Table and Energy

Both levels incorporate synopticassessments that evaluate students' comprehension across multiple modules. Inaddition to written exams, practical skills are assessed through a practicalendorsement.

The chemistry specifications aim todevelop students' understanding of key concepts and skills, while alsoencouraging practical activities throughout the course. With the help of'A-Level Tutoring' or '', students can acquire acomprehensive understanding of the subject which will go a long way in helpingthem to achieve A-level success.

For further support, A-level teachers andtutors are available to provide guidance and advice. Parents can also beassured that their children will get the help they need to help them to reachtheir potential.

Overall, this article provides aninformative overview of the A Level and AS Level chemistry specifications,catering to an audience seeking a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Key Takeaways

A-Level Tutoring offers students a comprehensive understanding ofthe subject, allowing them to excel in their A-level studies. Our A Level andAS Level courses are designed to provide a structured approach to learning,with each level consisting of various modules and components.

TheA Level course includes six modules, such as: - Practical Skills - Foundationsof Chemistry - Periodic Table and energy - Core organic chemistry - PhysicalChemistry and transition elements - Organic chemistry and Analysis

Meanwhile,the AS Level course focuses on four modules, which include: - Practical Skills- Foundations of Chemistry - Periodic table and Energy

Bothlevels incorporate synoptic assessments that evaluate students' comprehensionacross multiple modules. In addition to written exams, practical skills areassessed through a practical endorsement.

Ourchemistry specifications are tailored to help UK A-level students develop astrong understanding of key concepts and skills while also encouragingpractical activities throughout the course. With the help of 'A-Level Tutoring'or '', students can acquire a comprehensive understandingof the subject which will go a long way in helping them to achieve A-levelsuccess.

Forfurther support, our friendly, knowledgeable tutors are available to provideguidance and advice. Parents can rest assured that their children will getthe help they need to help them to reach their potential.

Overall,this article provides an informative overview of the A Level and AS Levelchemistry specifications, catering to an audience seeking a comprehensiveunderstanding of the subject and a supportive tutor to help them reach theirgoals. If you are looking for further support, please don't hesitate to contactus via email or speak to one of our tutors.

A Level and AS Level

The A Level and AS Level specifications consist of six modules in ALevel and four modules in AS Level, covering various topics in chemistry suchas practical skills, foundations, periodic table and energy, core organicchemistry, physical chemistry and transition elements, organic chemistry andanalysis.

These modules provide a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses awide range of concepts and principles in chemistry. Both A Level and As Levelassessments include a synoptic assessment, which requires students todemonstrate their understanding across multiple modules.

In addition, practical skills are assessed in both written exams anda practical endorsement, encouraging students to engage in hands-on laboratorywork throughout the course. The inclusion of practical skills assessmentensures that UK A-level students develop the necessary experimental techniquesand scientific inquiry skills required in the field of chemistry.

A-Level Tutoring or can provide A-levelstudents and teachers with the necessary support and guidance to ensure successin the exams. With an in-depth understanding of the A-level curriculum, ourtutors can help students to understand the various concepts and principles inchemistry and develop the required practical skills. Our tutors are alsowell-equipped to cater to different learning needs and provide detailedfeedback on their progress.

Email us for further information or to contact a tutor and beginyour journey to A-level success.

Assessment Overview

Assessment Overview provides a comprehensive examination of theevaluation methods used in the A Level and AS Level Chemistry specifications.Practical skills form an integral part of the A Level and AS Level courses andare assessed in written exams and a practical endorsement. Additionally, both ALevel and AS Level include synoptic assessment, which tests students' abilityto integrate knowledge and understanding from different areas of the subject.

To provide an overview of the assessment methods, the followingtable outlines the components and their weightings in both A Level and ASLevel:




A Level

Component 01


A Level

Component 02


A Level

Component 03


A Level

Component 04


AS Level

Component 01


AS Level

Component 02


It is important to note that all components must be completed for ALevel, while both components must be completed for AS Level. The assessment isdesigned to give UK A-level students, A-level teachers and tutors, and parentsa comprehensive evaluation of their knowledge and skills in chemistry. AtA-Level Tutoring or, we understand that completingA-Levels can be a challenging process and strive to provide the support neededfor students to succeed. Our experienced tutors are on hand to help answer anyquestions or provide guidance throughout the assessment process. If you wouldlike more information on how A-Level Tutoring can support you or your child,please contact us via email.

Modules and Components

A-Level Tutoring or provides a structuredframework for UK A-level students, teachers and tutors, and parents to studyvarious aspects of chemistry. The A-Level course is composed of six modules:



            periodictable and energy

            coreorganic chemistry

            physicalchemistry and transition elements

            organicchemistry and analysis

Meanwhile, the AS Level course consists of four modules:



            periodictable and energy

            coreorganic chemistry

These modules cover a wide range of topics, allowing students todevelop a comprehensive understanding of the A-level curriculum and a knack forcatering to diverse learning needs.

Additionally, the components within each level assess students'knowledge and skills through written exams and practical endorsement. Practicalactivities are encouraged throughout the course to enhance students' practicalskills and prepare them for the assessments.

For those who need extra guidance, A-Level Tutoring is a great resource. Our experienced tutors are availableto provide personalized support, helping students to understand complexconcepts and reach their academic goals. Whether they are looking forassistance with coursework, exam preparation, or general guidance, our tutorsare here to provide support every step of the way. Our tutors are alwaysavailable to answer questions and discuss strategies for success, so don'thesitate to reach out via email.

Frequently AskedQuestions

What is theduration of the practical endorsement for A Level Chemistry?

Thepractical endorsement for A Level Chemistry has a duration of approximately 12hours. Practical skills are vital for UK A-level students, teachers, andparents, as they allow learners to develop their understanding of the subjectand advance their experimental techniques. A-level Tutoring can provide the necessary support and guidance to helpstudents achieve success in their A-Levels. We understand the unique learningneeds of each student and offer personalized assistance to help them reachtheir potential. If you need additional help or would like to contact a tutor,please feel free to send us an email.

Are there anyspecific requirements for practical activities in the A Level Chemistry course?

Practicalactivities are an essential part of the A-Level Chemistry course and areencouraged throughout the course to develop student's skills and understanding.While skills are primarily assessed through written exams, the practicalendorsement is also taken into account. To ensure students are well prepared,A-Level Tutoring or can provide them with the support theyneed to succeed in their practical activities.

Ourteam of experienced tutors possess a comprehensive understanding of the A-Levelcurriculum and are well-equipped to cater to diverse learning needs. They willprovide students with a nurturing environment to help them develop theirpractical skills and confidently tackle their exams.

Weunderstand that exams can be stressful time, so our tutors are here toprovide guidance and support throughout the course. They will assist studentsin navigating their A-level journey and provide them with the confidence theyneed to succeed.

Ifyou would like to find out more about how A-Level Tutoring can help you reach your A-level goals, please do nothesitate to get in touch via email. Our tutors are here to support you in yourjourney to A-level success.

How arepractical skills assessed in the written exams?

Assessmentmethods for practical skills evaluation in A-Level and AS-Level Chemistrywritten exams include synoptic assessments. Practical activities are encouragedthroughout the course, and practical endorsement is also assessed. At A-LevelTutoring or, we understand the importance of practicalskills assessment for A-Level and AS-Level Chemistry written exams. We believethat practical activities should be integrated into the course of study andactively encourage students to engage in these activities. Furthermore, werecognize the value of practical endorsement in the assessment process and arecommitted to helping A-Level and AS-Level students achieve success in thisarea. Our experienced tutors have a comprehensive understanding of the A-Levelcurriculum and the diverse learning needs of students and are dedicated tohelping them reach their goals. If you would like to learn more about how wecan support you on your journey to A-Level success, please feel free to reachout to us via email or contact a tutor.

Is there aspecific order in which the modules need to be completed in the A LevelChemistry course?

Thereis no specific order in which the modules need to be completed for A-LevelChemistry, but it is important to note that practical skills are assessed inwritten exams and practical endorsement. Practical activities are encouragedthroughout the course, making the help of a professional A-Level Tutoring tutorinvaluable.

Asa student progresses through their A-Levels, they will need to develop acomprehensive understanding of the A-Level curriculum and the ability to caterto their own learning needs. An experienced A-Level Tutoring tutor can provideguidance and support, helping students to develop the skills and confidence tosucceed in their A-Levels.

AtA-Level Tutoring, our tutors are experienced in working with A-Level students,teachers, and parents. We provide tailored lessons that are adapted to theindividual needs of each student, helping them to reach their A-Level goals.

Ifyou or your child could use some additional help on their A-Level journey,please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced tutors are available viaemail for further support, and can even be contacted directly to book asession.

Can studentstake the AS Level Chemistry course without completing the practicalendorsement?

Studentscannot take the AS Level Chemistry course without completing the PracticalEndorsement. At A-Level Tutoring, we understand how important it is forstudents to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve their A-Levelgoals. The Practical Endorsement is a requirement for both the AS Level and ALevel Chemistry courses, and it is assessed through written exams and practicalactivities.

Weprovide A-Level students with comprehensive resources and support to help themunderstand the curriculum and build confidence in their skills. Our team oftutors are experienced in helping students prepare for the practicalendorsement, providing the guidance necessary to successfully complete theassessment.

Whetheryou are a student, teacher, or parent, contact us to learn more about howA-Level Tutoring can help you on your journey to A-Level success. Our tutorsare happy to answer any questions and provide further support. Get in touch viaemail today!

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