Are there any legal requirements to be a tutor?

Because there are no legal requirements to begin tutoring work, it's up to you, the tutor, to advertise your services and decide what precautions to take and what checks you want to perform. Guardians are not required to have a teaching license. However, it is recommended that you have at least a college degree or a form of higher education. Keep in mind that each company has its own requirements for tutors.

Some only require a high school diploma, while others want a bachelor's degree or higher, as well as previous experience teaching or working in a classroom. No specific training is required to be a tutor, although tutoring organizations may have their own in-house training programs. Tutors who work for agencies can receive specialized training that helps them develop effective teaching skills and lesson plans. These agencies can also help tutors learn how to work with a variety of students of different age levels.

Unlike lawyers, accountants and other regulated professions, there are no legal requirements for individuals seeking to become private guardians. Therefore, when deciding what requirements are needed, we need to be more specific, or the matter becomes as indeterminate as the old question about the length of a piece of string. Tutoring certifications are not necessary for tutors, but they can improve a person's chances of getting a high-paying job. Tutors will need to research which certification best suits them, as each association has different requirements for the tutor's level of experience and education.

As with the NTA, there are different requirements and prices for each level, ranging from Associate Tutor to Master Tutor. There are also rules on misleading advertising and sending direct marketing emails, so you should consult the Advertising Standards Authority if you are not sure if your marketing is appropriate and legal, to ensure legal guardianship and keep private law guardians correct. Most tutoring platforms require tutors to have a GED (General Educational Development Test), high school diploma, or other subject-specific certification.

Karol Pysniak
Karol Pysniak

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