What are the best a level academic resources for history?

S-cool: the review website · 4.Common Sense has recently updated its Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Humanize history by having students unearth the real remains, from the mundane to the magnificent, of the history of the United States. By selecting and contextualizing text, audio, and images, these websites seek accessibility and offer students a wealth of content that is likely to address topics that interest them. There are websites with vast collections of material from primary sources that can boost research, as well as others with interesting lesson plans and activities to create excellent units.

Many sites also go beyond dominant narratives and highlight the essential contributions and perspectives of people from historically marginalized or systemically silenced groups. The best geographical resource site offers global exploration opportunities A treasure trove of teaching resources will benefit from the adaptation Explore and use artifacts and activities from American history A rudimentary and intelligent primary history curriculum develops research skills Quite a good primary source site that helps children delve deeper into historical photographs Powerful stories and the media centralize African American history Interactive data, practical plans keep the census going Go to the classroom Dive deeper into the collection of research articles from the famous library Discover, create, remix and share a world-class museum artifacts critically acclaimed Documentaries repackaged in a meaningful way for classrooms Access the American Scholars Guide to the WWW ★★★★☆ An extensive and well-organized guide to using the Web for general academic purposes. It has an impressive set of historical links. For journal articles, books, images, and even primary sources, JSTOR is among the best online resources for academic research.

The JSTOR collection covers 75 disciplines, with strengths in the humanities and social sciences. The academic research database includes full print runs of more than 2,800 journals. We cover all seven areas of history study at the KS3 level, which are designed to prepare students for the GCSE level. The resources are well presented and interesting, and have been a blessing during the lockdown caused by COVID, especially for the disadvantaged students at my school who have not had access to the Internet.

This site is an incredible resource for a wide range of history topics, from medieval England to the Vietnam War. The resources are clear, organized and range from the most basic to the most detailed, according to the needs of each one as a teacher. Its resources offer teachers a variety of methods to interest students, allow access to relevant information, and teach analytical skills. Today, PubMed Central has more than 7 million full-text records, making it an excellent resource for students in the fields of life sciences or medicine.

There are a variety of resources and activities that you can use or modify to provide your students with a personalized learning experience. TeacherServe consists of a series of teaching guides on important topics in the humanities at the secondary level. As the largest library in the world, the Library of Congress is an incredible online resource for academic research. Discovery Channel Social Studies Techbook ★★★★☆ The Discovery Education “Techbook” is a collection of multimedia resources designed to complement history lessons.

Political, social and legal history; short essays on the history of cinema, ethnicity, private life and technology; multimedia exhibitions; reference resources that include a searchable database of 1500 annotated links, brochures for the classroom, chronologies, glossaries, an audio file that includes speeches and talks about books by historians and a visual archive with hundreds of maps and historical images...

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