Are university tutors really free?

All our content is completely free to use. Questions tagged at the concept level to identify areas of strength and weakness. Quickly create your own content and save it to the app. Looking for fun ideas to keep kids busy this summer? Check out our free and affordable live classes and one-week camps designed to inspire and educate, as well as our Spires online sociology tutors.

The company also offers online tutoring for small groups of children, a mobile app to access on-the-go tutoring, and a variety of learning tools, including a practice test bench, flashcards and more that you can access online. Since its launch, Varsity Tutors has focused on one-on-one tutoring sessions, originally in-person and eventually on-demand online via live video chat. The platform that Varsity Tutors uses is excellent, as it allows both the teacher and the student to see each other, write on a shared virtual whiteboard, and upload documents. At a higher level, both Rype and Varsity Tutors offer one-on-one academic tutoring with carefully selected professional teachers.

They offer an instant tutoring plan where you don't have to schedule an appointment, but you can come and get help from a tutor when you need it. You can call Varsity with your tutoring needs and then they will help you find the right tutor and connect them with you. They have 5 broad categories of tutors including math tutors, science tutors, foreign language tutors, primary school tutors and other tutors in writing, accounting, computer science, finance, etc. With tutoring for each subject and preparation for the SAT, ACT and university admission testing systems, Varsity Tutors is a unique destination to take your academic career to another level.

I am happy with the university tutors from the customer service, the combination of tutors, all the tools provided and the tutors I was matched with. Teachworks is a cloud-based tutoring management software solution that helps teaching organizations, schools and tutoring centers automate critical procedures. Varsity Tutors is an online learning platform that connects students and professionals with tutors from various subjects. Customers should note that, like many tutoring companies, Varsity sometimes employs college students as tutors.

However, overall, they reported that the quality of tutoring was high and they were generally satisfied with the quality of tutors provided by the company. Tutors create personalized lessons unique to each student, and students can take their learning to the next level by taking their quizzes to a tutor at any time. With one of the most affordable prices in town, you can't find a better tutor than at Varsity Tutors.

Karol Pysniak
Karol Pysniak

Dr Karol Pysniak stands as a beacon of innovation and expertise in the field of technology and education. A proud Oxford University graduate with a PhD in Machine Learning, Karol has amassed significant experience in Silicon Valley, where he worked with renowned companies like Nvidia and Connectifier before it was acquired by LinkedIn. Karol's journey is a testament to his passion for leveraging AI and Big Data to find groundbreaking solutions. As a co-founder of Spires, he has successfully blended his remarkable technical skills with a commitment to providing quality education at an affordable price. Leading a team that ensures the platform's seamless operation 24/7, 365 days a year, Karol is the linchpin that guarantees stability and efficiency, allowing tutors and students to focus on knowledge sharing and academic growth. His leadership has fostered a global community of online scholars, united in their pursuit of academic excellence.

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