What are the best a level academic resources for religious studies?

Support your teaching with resources you can trust from OCR's publishing partner for religious studies. Created by subject matter specialists to meet the latest Level A OCR (RS) specifications, our range of resources includes textbooks, e-textbooks, revision guides, workbooks, CPD, and more. Teaching ethics, philosophy, Christianity or Islam? Check out our wide range of detailed and thought-provoking educational resources to see how ZigZag can help your class succeed in their A-level, GCSE, and Key Stage 3 studies. Comprehensive coverage of religion and worldview, free to use and of guaranteed quality.

This learning platform may be the best-kept secret of the GCSE review. Quizlet study sets for all GCSE subjects, including physical education. It offers several modes of study, including learning and self-evaluations. In addition to these questionnaires, the function from which they derive their name, flashcards are the main selling point.

Unfortunately, Quizlet only shows the right answers for the ones you got wrong. Unlike Bitesize's sample tests, Quizlet doesn't tell you where you went wrong. But they have an incredible combination game to make your review fun. This resource addresses the topic of festivals and events by season and informs students about what's trending on various days of the year.

The site doesn't just focus on religious holidays. It also examines critical annual events, such as Space Day or Environment Day. GCSE Religious Education students will find the Easter, Ramadan and Rosh Hashanah sections and more. The additional information is fun and exciting, but the sections on religious holidays will help you review it.

This resource may be intended for teachers, but a short registration process is enough for all users to have access to it. This resource is a collection of mind maps, games, review material and puzzles uploaded by different users. NATRE is the association of subject teachers for renewable energy professionals in elementary and secondary schools and higher education, providing a nationally representative voice and publishing publications and courses to promote professional development. It also highlights situations caused by religious conflict; for example, a nurse was suspended for offering a prayer.

Now that you have an idea of the educational level that awaits you, it's time to prepare all the resources you can use to excel in your GCSE Religious Studies course and exam.

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