How effective is online tutoring?

A recent study found that online tutoring worked quite well. He analyzed Cignition, used a good study design, and found solid results. Previous research examining computer-based tutors found similar results. But mentoring programs, online or in person, are not without challenges.

LABS Triangle, Stable Market, Chalk Farm Rd, London, NW1 8AB. Online tutoring offers much more flexibility and convenience than traditional tutoring. There's no need to go to work and it can be done from virtually anywhere, as long as your child has access to the Internet. So, even if you're traveling, your child doesn't need to skip a tutoring session.

Having the advantage of one-on-one online tutoring sessions means that your student receives all the attention they need to understand a topic. Trust increases more efficiently and, with the ability to share screens, your teacher will be able to identify areas of difficulty and interact in a more engaging way. A number of students and tutors noted that they covered more content in their online classes than in person. After school, when students were at home, they would connect to the Internet to connect with their tutors for three 50-minute sessions per week.

I spoke with Isabella Pedron, a 20-year-old chemical engineering student and pre-med student at Texas A&M University, who was part of the pilot study and continues to serve as a volunteer online tutor for high school students in Chicago Heights. It may also be beneficial to try both online and traditional tutoring so that your child can experience both and make an informed decision about what works best for them. I asked Kraft how online tutoring companies claim such huge academic benefits in their marketing materials. This can be difficult or impossible with online tutoring, especially if it involves a child following a program and referring to a tutor only for guidance, clarification, and evaluation.

Each tutor was assigned to one student and worked with that student throughout the program, connecting online for three to six hours per week, for a total average of approximately 17 hours during the course of the program, which covered mathematics and language arts. Pedron told me it was her first time tutoring or mentoring someone and she appreciated the two-hour online training session, which gave her tips on how to talk to children and what to do when a student doesn't respond. A large research project based on the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University is emerging interesting information about online tutoring. Large investors, including Softbank and IVP, are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in online tutoring startups, including GoStudent, based in Vienna, and Paper, based in Montreal.

Instead of someone coming to your home or heading to a classroom for additional help with topics, online tutors offer a virtual teaching experience using the Internet and various technologies to achieve academic goals. Online tutors can continue to educate without risk, while in-person learning may be cancelled or postponed depending on current situations. Interestingly, other studies have analyzed and concluded that cheaper online tutoring options from countries such as Pakistan and India were not effective.

Karol Pysniak
Karol Pysniak

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