What's the difference between tutor and instructor?

An instructor deals with a large group of students at a professional level. On the contrary, a tutor manages a group (preferably small) on a more personal level. While a tutor and a teacher teach, they are two completely different positions. A tutor can teach anything outside of school.

Tutors may have very specific skills that they teach to their students. The tutors are usually teachers of one or two subjects. They work privately for individual or small groups of students. The teacher and the instructor are important roles in the field of education.

A teacher is a person who imparts knowledge to students. An instructor is a person who teaches a specific practical skill. The work of a teacher also includes the function of instructing, but the work of an instructor does not include all the functions of teaching. This is the main difference between teacher and instructor.

An instructor is not necessarily an education specialist, but he does master the execution of a specific methodology or function. They are trained not only with the knowledge related to the technique they teach, but also with the skills necessary to transmit it and attend their practice. Tutor is a word that has partial synonyms, because other words do not describe in detail what it means to be a tutor.

Karol Pysniak
Karol Pysniak

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