Are there any good webpages that provide a level academic resources?

This website is not fully compatible with Internet Explorer. For a better experience, consider using a modern browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Google offers university research tools in addition to its classic search engine function. Google Scholar is a search engine that focuses on academic resources available on the Internet, including articles, theses, and books.

Universities and other academic institutions also have publications available through Google Scholar. You can even connect the collections of your institute or university's libraries to Google Scholar, so that you can access the full-text content through your library link that appears in Google Scholar search results. Google Scholar can be an excellent addition to library research when it comes to carrying out an exhaustive search of published literature. Sponsored by the Institute of Educational Sciences of the United States Department of Education, ERIC is an education-focused, open-access database that contains citations and summaries of articles, and some of the content is available in full text.

You can also access and search ERIC through your university's library website to find even more full-text content in this education database. ERIC is an excellent starting point for research by candidate teachers and educators. The Internet Archive began indexing and archiving web pages for continuous access in 1996 through its Wayback Machine. Today, the Internet Archive provides access to millions of resources, including books, audio recordings and videos.

Popular and academic materials can be accessed through the Internet Archive, so be sure to evaluate and review your sources. Use the search function to find specific titles or materials that support your academic research. OpenLearn works with other organizations by offering free courses and resources that support our mission to provide educational opportunities to more people in more places. Whether you are a student, teacher or simply a mathematics enthusiast, Integral is the perfect ally to support the learning, teaching and enjoyment of first-level mathematics in a dynamic, interactive and comprehensive way.

Integral is an award-winning Level A Mathematics online teaching and learning platform designed to develop deep and independent mathematical understanding. These great packs of review flashcards contain everything you need to complete the AQA & Edexcel A Level Economics. Give your students access to all of Integral's resources and allow them to rediscover A-level mathematics and advanced mathematics before starting their careers. Give your students access to Integral resources and allow them to rediscover A-level mathematics and continue with mathematics.

Integral offers students a wide variety of mathematical resources that will help them study and review level A of Advanced Mathematics and Mathematics, whether they are learning on their own or to support them with a course. Provide your STEM undergraduate students with access to A Level Mathematics and Further Pure review material to help them with their degree studies. Designed for STEM undergraduate students who want to access Level A in Mathematics and to the Further Pure resources to help them earn their degree. News in Levels is a fantastic resource that introduces English language learners to the news at three different levels of difficulty.

Provide your STEM undergraduate students with access to A Level Maths and Further Pure Maths review material. All the activities on the Cambridge English website have a theme and level, so you can find the one that best suits your learning objectives. News in Levels allows you to take a level test, answer text-related questions and even talk live with someone via Skype about the content of the page. Personal access to Integral can help you learn A-level mathematics, become the mental center of mathematics to earn your STEM degree, or prepare you to teach the next generation.

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